Organic Olive Oil Offers the Purest Benefits for Your Skin December 23 2014, 0 Comments

The health benefits of olive oil are supported by physicians around the world as a healthy dietary fat but its benefits as a beauty aid cannot be denied.

This Beauty Aid Was Used in Ancient Greece

Using Olive Oil for the skin as protection and as a cosmetic began in ancient Greece. It is believed that the use of Olive Oil was first discovered and refined in Minoan Crete 5000 BC. Archeologists have discovered many tools and other evidence that Olive Oil first became a staple in the lives of those living in the region at that time.

Olive Trees of Crete


Olympic athletes used this liquid gold to rub on their bodies before they exercised or before their games not only as a cosmetic for appearance but because it soothed their skin from the harsh elements. Olive oil was used all over the body and in the hair as a cosmetic and today it has been proven that the rich vitamins and antioxidants found in Olive Oil are the factors that strengthen and restore skin. Even Hippocrates endorsed the use of Olive Oil to invigorate muscles and soothe abrasions.

Organic Olive Oil Repairs and Restores Our Skin

But with today’s science and technology we now have information to prove and explain why Olive Oil is so beneficial to the skin. This is nothing the ancient Greeks did not know, but we now have the scientific facts to explain why.

Vitamin A and E have long been sought after to repair and restore our skin and to reverse the effects of aging. Olive Oil is rich in these vitamins, is hypoallergenic and its antioxidants protect our skin from the free radicals we are exposed to from air pollution and environmental hazards. And in fact, its antioxidant component, polyphenol, is stacking up to the most common antioxidant used in today’s finest skin care products, tocopherols.

Olive Oil as an organic substance offers the purest remedy for your skin. Organic products are highly sought after today by those who are concerned about their health and beauty. Olive Oil in its purest form is a truly organic substance used in fine products for the skin and body.