Allantoin for Smoother Skin May 22 2015, 0 Comments

Benefits of Allantoin

When you look through the OLIVALOE products you will see allantoin is listed as an ingredient in a number of our face creams and products that offer deep hydration. That is no accident because allantoin is an anti-aging agent that regenerates skin cells and enhances the formation of healthy, bright tissue by increasing the hydration level in the intracellular tissue and the keratin on the outer layer of the skin.

Allantoin is recognized as an agent that eliminates roughness to the skin to restore a smoothing effect. It has been proclaimed to be essential for skin that has been exposed to heavy environmental factors. Allantoin, which exists in plants and animals, can be processed in the laboratory for commercial purposes.

    Even though it is produced commercially it is considered to be a safe chemical for skin care products. There have been very few reported side affects with its use and allontoin has been very effective at reducing acne scars and moisturizing the skin.

    OLIVALOE Products with Allantoin

    Olivaloe uses allantoin in the following products:

    • Face Cream for Dry Cracked Skin
    • Face Whitening Cream
    • Face Cream for Men
    • Face Lifting Cream
    • Face Cleansing Milk
    • Body Butter for Cracked Skin
    • Sun Protection 30 SPF
    • After Sun Lotion

        Allantoin is used in a number of skin care products that may have multiple uses and and studies show that its nourishing effects and properties smooth and encourage healthy skin. It is considered safe and has a low incident of side effects. Allantoin is found in products that reduce scars due to acne and skin creams and is usually suitable for all skin types.

        Allantoin Benefits for Dry, Senstive Skin

        For those with highly sensitive skin many moisturizers found on the market can be irritating as they contain chemicals that are harsh. But when allantoin is added to moisturizers, lotions, and other creams those with sensitive skin have shared that they get good results. Allantoin is known to lock in moisture to the skin and it also helps to rejuvenate and encourage new skin growth by exfoliating the skin. Allantoin is safe enough to be used daily for most skin types but if you do suffer from highly sensitive skin it is recommended that you test an small area first with whatever product you choose to try.

        Sunscreen with Allantoin

        Olivaloe adds Allantoin to our sun protection and our After Sun lotion so that it can be used by anyone with sensitive skin. It helps to reduce irritation from sunscreen chemicals and to moisturize while your skin is being protected from UV rays.