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What Causes Wrinkles

The thought of turning back the clock is appealing when we think of preserving a youthful appearance. If only we could keep our healthy skin, hair and body shape while we carry forward the wisdom we have discovered through the years. Well, with today’s anti-aging consciousness, laboratory studies and the right products we can design a skin care routine that will not only prevent or stall our skin from aging, but will also repair and restore damage already done.

Wrinkles are caused by a few factors. Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN cites four main factors to aging skin. As we age, the natural oils that keep our skin looking healthy and young begin to decrease. The absence of these natural oils makes the skin appear drier while the fat in deeper layers of the skin begins to diminish leaving the look of sagging skin and pronounced lines.  Repeated exposure to ultraviolet rays also breaks down the collagen which gives our skin its elasticity making it less strong and flexible. This loss of collagen causes repeated facial expressions to leave their mark as smile lines, frown lines and squinting begin to form deep grooves beneath the skin. Without its youthful bounce, the skin above forms to the grooves and creates wrinkles. And finally, the most avoidable cause of aging skin is smoking which robs the skin of oxygen and accelerates the aging process far sooner in those who smoke than those who do not.


Rejuvenate Your Skin With Exfoliation

Despite the above factors that are unavoidable, there are a few things we can incorporate into our weekly or daily routines to help prevent wrinkles.

Wash your face daily. Exfoliate twice weekly. Our skin sheds 30,000 to 40,000 cells every minute. This is incomprehensible, but most of the dust in your house is dead skin cells. Without exfoliation these dead skin cells clog our pores rapidly leaving our skin dull, dry looking and unable to breath. Exfoliate twice weekly and you will see the glow return with a more youthful appearance.

While there are many products to purchase or formulas you can make at home to assist in exfoliation, problematic skin should avoid products with oils. Those who suffer from acne can benefit from keeping the skin extra clean but most acne sufferers have oily skin and adding to it can prevent the acne from healing. If you follow this regular routine you will see less pronounced wrinkles, a brighter complexion and your pores minimized.

Toner: It's For Beautiful Skin

Using toner is an essential step in keeping your skin cleansed but it also helps to exfoliate. Toner does a deep cleaning of the pores on the skin which helps prevent break outs and restores a healthy glow to your face. Dermatologists suggest the use of toner as a way to shrink pores. For those with oily skin toner is especially helpful in removing dirt and grime and should be used twice daily.

Because our skin is acidic using soap on your face alone actually disturbs the PH balance. But by using toner right after you quickly restore it to a healthy balance.  

Now that your skin is clean keep it moisturized inside and out. Drink plenty of water to rid your body of toxins and keep your skin plump while you use a good moisturizer during the day with sun protection to prevent exposure to ultra violet rays.


Don't Go To Bed Without It

Although it is tempting to just skip your night time routine of cleansing and moisturizing, it is crucial. New skin production occurs between 10pm and 2am every single night. Night cream is specially formulated with anti oxidants to protect and nourish your skin during this process.

With the vast selection of products on the market there are a few standards to maintain when it comes to choosing the right ones for your skin. Be a label reader. Anti oxidants, or vitamin enriched skin care products, are key ingredients to look for when choosing the best skin, body and hair care products. Anti-oxidants protect against free radicals which break down your skin structure. Treat your skin to organic products with the most natural ingredients.

For the healthiest looking skin become religious about these routines. Choose moisturizers and products that are suited to your skin type. Daily, first cleanse, use toner, and moisturize with eye cream, face cream, night cream and then, exfoliate twice weekly. Be good to your skin. Give yourself the treatment your skin deserves!

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Beneficial Ingredients That Keep Your Skin Healthy July 14 2015, 0 Comments

When you are buying skin care products you want to make sure the ingredients in the products are wholesome, organic, and good for your skin. A quality skin care line should contain ingredients like hyaluronic acid, hyaluronic sodium, alpha bisabolol, Green Tea extract, and chamomile oil, all of which improve your skin's condition. Let’s examine each ingredient and just how it benefits the skin when included as an ingredient in an organic skin care product:

Hyaluronic Acid


The use of this ingredient, also referred to as HA or sodium hyaluronate, is one way to provide natural hydration to your skin. The ingredient ensures that your skin takes on a healthy glow and aids in the prevention of the collagen loss which is needed for soft, supple, and youthful looking skin. Created by fibroblast cells and natural to the body, hyaluronic acid gives skin a fuller appearance while moisturizing the deep layers of the dermis. The ingredient is responsible for skin protection as well as repair.

As a glycosaminoglycan, an ingredient vital to connective tissues, hyaluronic acid is among polysaccharides found in epithelial, neural and connective tissue, and it is equally vital to the tissue responsible for acting as structural support for the extra cellular matrix.

There are 15 grams of the ingredient in the body at any time, with 33% of that being synthesized and degraded daily. The dehydrating effects of aging are diminished with the use of natural skin care products containing hyaluronic acid. The ingredient lends to additional moisture in the skin and because it is adaptive it will adjust its moisture absorption rate based on the climate and season. While collagen is effective in making skin supple it lacks the ability to penetrate into the deeper layers of your skin. This is not an issue with hyaluronic acid

This powerful ingredient is found in Olivaloe's Anti-Aging Face and Neck Serum and should be used as the start to your daily moisturizing regime.

Hyaluronic Sodium

Hyaluronic sodium helps to maintain hydration in the skin cells themselves and prevents collagen loss. When compared to hyaluronic acid, hyaluronic sodium can penetrate the skin with higher intensity and gets to through to the dermis with ease. 

Hyaluronic sodium can sustain up to 1000 times its weight when it comes to water retention. The ingredient lends positive benefits to the micro-circulation of the blood and helps decrease the appearance of wrinkles by making the skin supple, softer, and fuller looking. The use of hyaluronic sodium ensures minimal water loss trans-epidermally as well.

Olivaloe uses hyalutonic sodium in our Face Sunscreen as well as the Face and Neck Serum.


Green Tea Extract

Brimming with antioxidants, green tea offers unsurpassed benefits in terms of skin health. The tea contains tannins and flavonoids that help in diminishing the presence of harmful free radicals while the herb calms and sooth the skin. Green Tea Extract is a wonderful skin treatment for around the sensitive eye area and the extract is terrific for those who have skin sensitivity issues in general.

Green Tea Extract is used in these products:

Olivaloe Eye Cream

Olivaloe Face Cream Normal to Dry and Oily to Normal

Olivaloe Deep Cleaning and Rejuvenation Face Mask

Olivaloe Milk Cleanser

Olivaloe Body Butter, Body Lotion, Hand Cream

Alpha Bisabolol

Otherwise known as levomenol , alpha bisabolol is a liquid with an oily consistency. Alpha bisabolol is often used for the treatment of dry, damaged skin, and it helps to diminish skin flakiness. This ingredient is derived from chamomile and lends a soothing quality to skin care products. The ingredient is great for dealing with tired, stressed skin and the puffiness, inflammation or bags that appear under the eyes. As a natural antibacterial agent, alpha bisabolol is extremely healthy for your skin. Alpha bisabolol has anti-mycotic, anti-inflammatory and anti-phlogistic properties. In the best skin care products, this ingredient has high levels of panthenol, which promotes skin healing and stimulates healthy the production of healthy skin cells and repair.

You will find this ingredient in Olivaloe's Deoderant and Eye Cream.


Chamomile Oil

The finest organic skin care brands contain chamomile oil. The herb lends to the intense hydration of the skin and gives it a healthy shine and youthful glow. Chamomile oil features anti-inflammatory properties so it reduces swelling of tired eyes and soothes solar radiation-induced skin irritations. Chamomile oil is excellent for dealing with acne related conditions such as eczema. It also is very effective in treating scars and skin rashes. The ingredient is exceptional for dealing with dark circles under the eyes and crow’s feet.

Olivaloe includes Chamomile Oil in:

Face Cream for Sensitive Skin

Eye Cream

Face Mask for Deep Cleansing and Rejuvenation

Olive Oil Soap with Chamomile

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