Face Cream for Sensitive and Irritated Skin with Acne

$ 33.50

OLIVALOE face cream for sensitive and irritated skin relieves and soothes irritation caused by acne or other skin disorders due to sensitivity.

This special formula offers deep hydration and healing relief while it corrects the skin's appearance and texture. The nourishing ingredients used is this cream protects your skin again free radicals and leaves it soft, radiant and smooth. 

OLIVALOE Face Cream for Sensitive skin is made with:

  • Organic Olive
  • Organic Aloe Vera
  • Beeswax
  • Propolis Tincture
  • Almond, Chamomile and Calendula Oils
  • Vitamin E
  • Saint John's Wort Oil 
  • Lavender Essential Oil

HOW TO USE: For use on all skin types that suffer from acne or sensitivity. Cleanse, tone and use this day and night.