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Why The Organic Skin Chooses OLIVALOE as its Signature Product

Choosing the right skin care can be overwhelming. Chasing the next shiny new product is always tempting as we constantly search for the secret ingredients that deliver ageless beauty.

As a beauty professional for 20 years, I am committed to bringing only the purest products to The Organic Skin. The reason I chose to start with OLIVALOE as the signature product of The Organic Skin is through my own experience with this product line. I love these products not only because they are made with pure, natural and organic ingredients, but because they perform as they promise. I use them exclusively everyday myself and had to share them with you!

I found OLIVALOE while traveling the Greek Islands with my family in 2013. My trip there was a lifelong dream as my maternal grandmother was born in Greece. Unfortunately, her beautiful Mediterranean skin was not passed down to me. While traveling in the hot Mediterranean climate I was concerned about sun exposure. That’s when I came across this beautiful little shop in the Greek Islands that sold OLIVALOE exclusively. I was immediately attracted to these products because the base of every product is Organic Olive Oil and Organic Aloe Vera.  Having always been a skin care junkie now, more than ever, I am conscious of the ingredients I expose to my body.  Knowing how intense the sun was I purchased their face & body sunscreen and a few face & body products.  I was nervous when I applied the sunscreen at the beach because it absorbed quickly and didn't feel heavy or greasy on my skin so, quite frankly, I didn’t feel as though I was protected.  But the next day was the true test as I woke up to a rich Mediterranean tan without sunburn and have been hooked on the entire skin care line since. Truly this is the best sunscreen I have ever used!

My passion is to share quality products for your skin and body, where you know you can feel safe using these products, because that is the treatment your skin deserves!

The Grecian Formula of OLIVALOE Sooth, Repair and Protect

OLIVALOE is the signature product of The Organic Skin. Olive Oil and Aloe Vera are commonly found in skin and body care but combining the two into one product line is unique to OLIVALOE.

These two organic ingredients have nurtured the skin for generations. Aloe Vera was known by the Egyptians as “the plant of immortality”. In Greece, Olive Oil has been used throughout many civilizations to sooth the skin from the sun and harsh environment. Best known as an essential food supplement, this liquid gold combined with the soothing effects of Aloe Vera now give you ageless beauty by first repairing your skin and then protecting it in every product produced by OLIVALOE.

OLIVALOE will be there to help you start your day, protect you from the sun during the day and will be there to sooth you at the end of your day. All of the OLIVALOE products for women and men contain the continuous protection of sunscreen which is vitally important to keeping your skin looking younger and more vibrant.*

At The Organic Skin all of our products are made from the finest natural ingredients. Our signature product, OLIVALOE, starts with a combination of organic Olive Oil and organic Aloe Vera. From there natural ingredients are added to produce a complete product line of nurturing compounds for your skin and hair. OLIVALOE does not contain mineral oil, Vaseline, propylene glycol, silicon or paraben.

A complete list of our natural ingredients can be found in the OlivAloe catalog.

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*OLIVALOE is a product of Greece.